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 Our therapy clinic located in Marylebone, London has a staff of psychologists, social workers, clinicians & licensed mental health practitioners skilled in treating various modes of therapy for a wide range of patients.


In addition to a wide range of therapeutic modalities, our therapists vary in age, race and gender, providing you with choices and various comfort levels. The diversity of our team also influences the treatment methods used by each clinician. Our therapists differ in the focus of their sessions, with some therapists treating individuals, while others specialize in couples, families and groups. The therapeutic modalities our clinicians use are varied and dependent upon the issue being treated. For example, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Rationally Emotive Therapy (RET) are used by some specialists, while others use psycho-dynamic approaches such as object relations and Jungian Perspectives.

Our office staff will help you choose the therapist best suited to meet your needs. Your therapist, in turn, will make a treatment decision based on your individual needs.


You can count on us to do what we promise:

  • Will take care of your insurance and claim forms and all billing will be accurate
  • Have an emergency telephone service should you need to contact your therapist after hours
  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment
  • Maintain privacy at all times
  • Provide a convenient and well lit parking area
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What to expect…You will be asked some basic information for our records, as well as providing your insurance information if you have coverage. Based on your description of the reason for your visit, our trained and experienced administrative personnel will help you select the therapist best suited to meet your needs. We can also make this selection based on your schedule.

Our therapists are available seven days a week, seeing patients from early morning into the early evening. We always try to make your appointment on the soonest available date. You can be sure our professional is truly interested in you and your mental health issues.

Calling our office  will be your first step to begin therapy. Your call is private and confidential.

Upon Your First Visit…

The length of a therapy session is typically 45 minutes. In most cases, therapy sessions are conducted on a once per week basis. Since weekly sessions are typically covered by most insurance plans, more frequent sessions can be considered depending on the acuteness of the problem and ones financial status.

As the course of therapy moves toward its conclusion, the weeks in between sessions may be increased. Statistically, the average course of therapy at Psychology Clinic is approximately 15 sessions. Duration of therapy is related to the severity and chronicity of the presenting problem as well as the goals of therapy.